About Us

The company was formed in response to the ‘Energy Efficiency Directive’ put in place in 2012. The directive was put in place to help the EU reach its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020. Under the Directive, all EU countries are required to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain. From production to final consumption, and to help both businesses and home owners to reduce their ‘Carbon Foot Prints’.

One of the ways that this can be achieved is by making homes more energy efficient, thus reducing the amount of fuel used with the added benefit of reducing their expenditure. The initiative would look at various ways to reduce the carbon emissions from the home including: loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, and double glazing to see if they can be improved.

For certain improvements some form of assistance was/is available in the form of local or government grants, whilst others carried nothing. This is where the Home Energy Assessment team stepped in – picking up the challenge to fill in the gaps.

Why Choose Home Energy Assessment Team?

  • Substantial discounts available to qualifying home owners
  • A company at the forefront of the latest insulation and glazing technology
  • Free home energy survey
  • Market Leading Energy saving products
  • We are National installers of Pilkington’s energiKare Glass
  • No hidden administration or installation fees

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A company at the forefront of the latest insulation and glazing technology

Great Energy Savings


Cavity wall insulation reduces wall heat loss by up to 53%


Loft insulation can reduce roof heat loss by up to 94%


Energy Efficient glazing reduces window heat loss by up to 74%