Double Glazing

One of the most overlooked aspects of heat loss in the home is through the windows. All properties lose heat through their windows, but energy-efficient glazing keeps your home warmer and quieter as well as reducing your energy bills.

To ensure that homes are as energy efficient as possible we recommend using Pilkington’s energiKare™ A-Rated glazed units. Pilkington energiKare™ double glazing contains an optimised combination of glass, spacer bar and gas filling to achieve the best Window Energy Rating (WER) or U-value for each window application;

The benefits of energy efficient windows include:

  • Lower energy bills.
  • A smaller carbon footprint.
  • A more comfortable home: energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
  • Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient-windows insulate your home against outside noise.
  • Reduced condensation: energy-efficient glazing reduces/eliminates condensation build-up on the inside of windows.

Installing fully A-Rated windows in your home could save you hundreds of pounds a year while drastically reducing your homes carbon output.

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Great Energy Savings


Cavity wall insulation reduces wall heat loss by up to 53%


Loft insulation can reduce roof heat loss by up to 94%


Energy Efficient glazing reduces window heat loss by up to 74%